Assigning a lease

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Selling your business or moving premises? Assigning a commercial lease

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Lease assignments and guarantees – a step towards commercial good sense

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Corporate Resolutions

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Till would be a big step indeed. The assignment (or transfer) of a retail premises lease is the transfer of lease from a current tenant to a new tenant. The VSBC can help you understand your position regarding assigning (or transferring) a lease, and your rights and obligations during the process.

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The dynamic host configuration protocol, or DHCP, assigns internet protocol addresses and other settings to devices on a computer network. A device is assigned an IP address for a length of time called its DHCP lease time.

Most leases provide that a tenant may not assign the lease without the approval of the landlord.

Assigning a Commercial Lease

This is where I suggest that the parties focus on negotiating the lease prior to signing it to ensure that the landlord must act reasonably when deciding to approve an assignment of the lease.

Assignment of Lease and Commercial Property Leases. Are you renting a property for commercial use? Do you want to move, but have a contract with your landlord preventing you from doing so?

Assigning a commercial lease is one way to end a tenant lease early but don't do it haphazardly. In this post, we're listing 7 things you must know first.

Definition of ASSIGNMENT OF LEASE: When a tenant signs their rights to another tenant of a leased property. The original tenant is responsible for the contract unless a landlord releases.

Assigning a lease
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Assigning Lease to New Owner