Assignment 306 moving and handling handout

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Moving and handling in health and social care

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1 HANDOUT FOR MOVING AND HANDLING OF PEOPLE (planned for volunteers at spinnaker sailing club) This is “information” being shared that was originally taken from undertaking a moving and. Explain why it is important for moving and handling tasks to be carried out following specialist training.

It is a legal requirement for staff to be trained in manual handling, as any movement could result with injury to yourself, a client or another member of staff. The solutions to the problems in the first two handouts (the assignments that were due May 5th and May 8th) are available in pdf format here and in html format here.

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Week of May 8 - 12, Week of May 15 - 19, This handout provides information to new staff about the importance of moving and handling correctly. Legislation As well as the Health & Safety at Work Act and Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulationsthere is additional legislation governing moving and handling.

Assignment 306 moving and handling handout
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