Chinease theory of discovery of

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History of gunpowder

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Chinese Discover America

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5 Controversial Theories About the Discovery of America

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List of Chinese discoveries

The discovery and promotion of vaccination enabled the eradication of smallpox: this is Edward Jenner's ultimate vindication and memorial. Chinease theory of discovery of America Essay Chinese theory There are many theories or ideas on who discovered America first.

Many people believe it was Christopher Columbus, the Vikings, or in my case some believe that the Chinese arrived here before Columbus. Did The Chinese Discover America? I believe I have located and identified Pre-Columbian Land Art in North America which bears evidence of an ancient Chinese Dynasty.

The theory of Portuguese discovery of Australia claims that early Portuguese navigators were the first Europeans to sight Australia between andwell before the arrival of Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon in on board the Duyfken who is generally considered to be the first European discoverer.

List of Chinese discoveries

Discoveries May Rewrite History of China's Terra-Cotta Warriors Finds at the famous tomb complex point to influences from abroad and a blood-soaked succession after the death of China's first emperor. But Menzies' theory supposes much more direct influence from China.

Rather than civilization evolving separately in the Americas and Asia, under the theory, China was directly involved in governance and trade with the peoples of the Americas with whom they shared their ancestry.

Did the Chinese beat Columbus to America? Chinease theory of discovery of
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