Iso quants

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What is an isoquant and briefly explain the types of isoquant?

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Isoquant Curve

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Laws of Returns: The Isoquant-Isocost Approach | Economics

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Laws of Returns: The Isoquant-Isocost Approach | Economics

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The isoquant curve is a graph, used in the study of microeconomics, that charts all inputs that produce a specified level of output. ISO-QUANTS • Iso = equal • Quant = quantity • Iso - Quant = equal quantity = equal output 3. Iso-quant Curve • Iso-quant curve is that curve which shows the different combinations of two factors yielding the same total product.

There are four types of iso-quant curves, classified on the basis of the substitutability of factors of production. An Iso-Quant curve is the geometrical representation of the different combinations of input factors employed to produce the given level of an output.


Iso-Quant Curve: Definitions, Assumptions and Properties

8 The Isocost and Isoquant Curves 3 11 bags of potassium and only 1 bag of nitrogen. Hence, the producer will only choose the combination that is in the downward sloping part of the isoquant. Various iso-quant curves presented in a graph is called as iso- quant map. Iso-cost: different combination of inputs that can be purchased at a given expenditure level.

The above graph explains clearly that the iso quant curve for units of motor consists of ‘n’ number. Iso-Quant Curve: Definitions, Assumptions and Properties! The term Iso-quant or Iso-product is composed of two words, Iso = equal, quant = quantity or product = output.

Thus it means equal quantity or equal product.

Iso quants
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