Nfl referees assignments

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NFL Week 1 referee assignments revealed

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MOF is Singapore Football's top leagues, events, competitions company in Singapore. Retired NFL Referees; NFL Playoffs: Referee Assignments. January 4, by mike.

There’s only four games this week for the wild card weekend, let us know who you find out is officiating this weekend.

The full playoff/pro bowl/super bowl listing will be posted as we find them out. View here. Advertisements. The weekly revelation of NFL referee assignments is an event anticipated by at least 32 people.

Each franchise has an assistant at some level who maintains a deep database of history, tendencies. The NFL Referees Association serves as the union that represents officials in the NFL. Replacement officials were used through Week 3 of the NFL season following a contract dispute between the NFL Referees Association and the NFL.

Most of these replacements were high school officials or officials for lower-level college divisions. NCAA and NFL Referee news. Know this — every fan feels like their team is the one getting hosed by the refs.

I’ve never seen any solid evidence to show otherwise.

MLS Assignments

Today is a mini-edition of “idiots that can’t read” (on our contact page) and have been telling me how awful “my” refs as bad as the insane Cowboys fans, but stupid nonetheless.

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Nfl referees assignments
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