Solar cell pc1d assignment 1

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PC1D - Software for modelling a solar cell

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To design a silicon solar cell by simulation. The design parameters to be varied in this lab are We will also explore I-V curves under different excitation intensities.

Simulation Software: PC1D. Note that this software runs on Windows systems. Procedure: Excitation Button Fig. 1 Simulation software interface Simulation of solar cells.

Simulate p-n junction solar cells using the PC1D simulation software and predict current-voltage and quantum efficiency responses of cells; 3. Use PC1D to investigate carrier densities, generation and recombination rates and energy bands in p-n junction solar cells; and 4.

Understand how doping affects the recombination that occurs in a p-n junction solar cell. Numerical analysis of bifacial solar cell using PC1D software. Numerical Analysis of Bifacial Solar Cell using PC1D Softwar e. Suhaila Sepeai 1, M. Y. Sulaiman 1, M.

Solar Cell Pc1D Assignment 1

Khairunaz 1,2. solar cells is the smallest entity within a PV system is a solar cell. The solar cell is a semi conductor device, more precisely, a special type of diode. Transcript of Simulation of Si based Solar cell using PC1D. The quantum efficiency for photons with energy below the band gap is zero.

Quantum efficiency is much affected with the increase in the Ge layer thickness when the wavelength exceeds nm. The Ge film thickness of nm (quantum well) with efficiency of % (VOC = V. The cmd-pc1d program While PC1D is a great tool for users wanting to manually experiment with solar cell simulations, the original GUI makes it difficult to use for automated simulation or integration into other systems.

The cmd-pc1d program was developed to allow access to all aspects of PC1D without having to launch the PC1D GUI.

Solar cell pc1d assignment 1
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