Somalia rape crisis

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Inside the rape crisis center that's helping Somalia's women

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In Somalia, rape is

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CNN's Nima Elbagir reports. The rape of Somalia's women is being ignored This points to the unbearable reality for women within Somalia.

The crisis in the Horn of Africa is, in many ways, a women's famine. Women. Swedish rape crisis boils over as media stay silent Almost zero coverage of brutal sexual attacks by Muslims Somali refugee who raped 2 U.S.

women at knifepoint walks free. Somalia is by far the most dangerous country in the world, and one with a raging child rape epidemic.

What women and children suffer in that country is gut-wrenching and makes for hellish reading. What women and children suffer in that country is gut-wrenching and makes for hellish reading.

SOMALIA: Rape and Injustice: The Woman Breaking Somalia's Wall of Silence

When Aisha Diis* and her five children fled their home in Somalia seeking aid from the famine devastating the region, she could not have known the dangers of the journey, or even fathom that she would be raped along the way.

Somalia rape crisis Essay worries. women in somalia have their fears locked on being raped or even witnessing such events happen. many women in somalia are raped every day.

many of which had no escape and were helpless. many women in somalia had to go through watching a loved one being raped in sheer helplessness.

Somalia rape crisis
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Inside the rape crisis center that's helping Somalia's women - CNN